Audio Sales & Installation

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If the choice of equipment provides the building blocks of a system, then the installation can be the difference between merely 'hearing' the music and being 'in' the music.

  • Audio Sales: (Amplifiers, Speakers, Sub-woofers and more)
  • Ipod/Iphone Integration
  • Multimedia Installation
  • Hi-fi Audio Installation
  • Commercial Audio: (Conference rooms, General Audio and more)

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Audio Optimization

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For the first time you have a car audio company that can bring your car audio up to the live concert performance every time you turn on your radio.

  • Audio System Tuning
  • System Performance Analysis
  • Fixing Your Friends Install
  • Audio System Troubleshooting

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Sound Dampening - Quiet the Outside World

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We want to make sure you enjoy your music the artists intended with as little interference as possible from the harsh environment that today's vehicles present.

  • Localized Dampening
  • Whole vehicle Dampening
  • Ground Up Dampening

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Ultimate Home Theater Experience

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Enhance your musical/movie performance in your home with high fidelity equipment. We can help you reproduce the live or cinematic experience in your home.

  • Audio Installation
  • Audio Sales: (Amplifiers, Speakers, Sub-woofers and more)
  • Layout Design
  • Media Center PC's
  • System Optimization
  • Sound Conditioning

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C3 Insight

Services Overview

We specialize in innovative car & home audio sales, design, installation, audio optimization, and custom fabrication. We offer a variety of services to better enhance your musical enjoyment at home or on the road.

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We know how to listen. We learn as much as we can about and from our clients so that we can effectively utilize our expertise in acoustics, system design, international products and technology to be a resource to present ideas that make a difference. We consider ourselves our clients partners.