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90 Days Same as Cash

What’s better than getting your dream system installed in your vehicle? Doing it with somebody else’s money!  We are proud to partner with Progressive Financing to offer our customers another avenue by which they can get their vehicle protected with a new alarm system, make road trips easier with mobile video or turn their vehicles into concerts on wheels today!

Payment plans tailored to your needs.

All Progressive loans start out as a 1 year term, but shortly after you are approved, you will get a phone call from a representative offering you a couple of other ways to pay off the loan:

  • 90 Days Same as Cash– Pay off the loan in full within the first 90 days and you pay no interest whatsoever, it’s like you just borrowed the money from a friend!
  • 65% Buyout– If you can’t pay the full loan amount in the first 90 days, you will be given the option to buy out the loan for 65% of the remainder of the loan amount.  This option can yield some serious savings!

Do you qualify?

No Credit Check

Here are some questions you can ask yourself to know if you qualify for this type of No Credit Check loan before you take the time to fill out the application:

  • Have you been employed by the same employer for at least 6 months?
  • Do you earn at least $1000 per month and deposit at least $500 per month into your checking account?
  • Has your checking account been open and active for at least 3 months?
  • Is your checking account free of any NSF or overdrafts for the last 30 days?

If you answered yes to each of those questions, congratulations, you are eligible!  Click the link below to fill out a quick online application and within 5 seconds you’ll know whether you are approved or not!

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